The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a game for those who think that they are smart enough to complete any quiz. Play the game and remember - the key to success is to think outside the box and not to take the questions too seriously.

About The Impossible Quiz

Welcome to web page that provides you probably the most famous quiz game of the entire year - The Impossible Quiz. As the name suggest - this game is impossibly tricky. The participant must answer each question to shift to the following one. The dilemma is that gamer has just 3 lives and every time he gives false answer he wastes one life. There are also special questions having timer in which you have restricted period of time to discover the right answer.

Despite the fact that this game is quite simple to play (the gamer must use mouse right button to click right answer), the questions are truly tough. unique talents and essential thinking is needed to finish the game. The questions are truly challenging and the majority of the people fail yet on the 1st question. A number of the questions make no sense however if you pause for a second and think outside the box - the correct answer will be discovered rather effortless. Bear in mind that a number of the questions can require usage of keyboard or discovering an unrevealed answer. Do not hurry and aim to use logic. Have fun with the impossible quiz at our site.

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